Sales & Business Development (Ireland, UK & North America)

Actionbooker is seeking a high energy individual to drive our expansion in our key markets of Ireland, the UK and Canada. This is a 100% remote position in our (very) small company. We amazing build websites and booking solutions for outdoor activity centres. You can see our demo here.

Key Responsibilities

  • Growing the Actionbooker brand and making sales of our software.
  • Generating new leads and being the first point of contact with existing customers.

Before we go any further, this is super important 👉🏼

We are a bootstrapped start-up and whilst we are profitable, this is not a salaried role. We’re looking for someone that is ok with joining a start-up, understands the risks (and rewards) it entails and is able to hit the ground running.

This is likely not a good candidate for your first remote job as we expect a successful hire to be very autonomous and learn our business very quickly. That said, not having a prior remote job (or any job for that matter) doesn’t exclude you.

What We Need

We need someone that can sell our software to the outdoor leisure industry. This will likely mean hitting the phones, sending emails and finding/chasing leads. You’ll also be tasked with managing your customer base, meaning if they have issues, you’re ready to take the call and get it fixed for them. (Note, any technical work will be handled by Colin, a founder here at Actionbooker so you don’t have to worry about that)

You’ll have excellent knowledge of an outdoor pursuit or two, you’ll know how to talk to the industry/customers and you’ll have some awareness of other booking systems such as Rezgo, Bokun, Checkfront etc.

As our customers are located in Ireland, the UK and Canada, you’ll need to be available during business hours in these locations. We don’t expect full coverage but you’ll need to be available during some of the core business hours in each zone.

Lastly, you’ll be computer savvy and know a thing or two about HTML, CSS, Web Design and Digital Marketing. We’re not looking for a developer but these terms should mean something to you and you should be comfortable explaining them.

What You’ll Need To Achieve

We need someone that can grow our client list month on month. You’ll need to have a track record or be able to show you could quickly create one. Growth will be 100% in your court, so you’ll need to know how to achieve it.

That said, we’re not looking for full-time hours, at least initially. If you think you can get the work done in 2 hours per week and deliver, awesome! We won’t be checking your hours, we just assume the work is getting done. You’re welcome to work on other projects in your spare time.

What’s On Offer

We’re a start-up and a pretty easy-going one at that. We’re willing to talk equity, commission and everything in between. As this isn’t a regular job, we’re not expecting you to accept regular terms. Ask and we’ll probably say yes, or at least be very open to a dialogue.

Once again, we must stress, this is not a salaried role. We’re more than happy to cover reasonable expenses and issue a small stipend, but your income (and the rest of the teams) will be matched to the companies success.

How To Apply

To apply, we’re going to ask you to write a short email and talk about the following points:

  • Talk about one thing you like and dislike about Actionbooker
  • Describe one way you would grow Actionbooker’s client list (Please do not use Google Ads, Facebook Ads or basic SEO as an example. Think outside the box)
  • How you would work remotely with Actionbooker?
  • Talk about one piece of sales experience you currently have that you feel would assist you in selling Actionbooker.
  • Do you think you could add 100 new venues to Actionbooker by September 2020? If yes, why? If not, why?

Important: There are no right or wrong answers here. We’re more interested in how you approach these questions as opposed to their content.

Please send your application to and we’ll jump on a call if we think you are a good fit.

PS: This job is open to absolutely everyone except recruiters. We only want direct applications. Thanks!